This New England company’s pop-up picnics could be in a magazine

A few weeks ago yours truly was strolling through Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when something caught his eye.

Sitting in the grass were a group of people, mostly young women, gathered around a fancy picnic. Two balloons displayed the numbers ‘2’ and ‘5’, and the women were all wearing pretty summer dresses, so it was clearly a birthday party. But what particularly stood out was the unique picnic and its beauty.

Have you ever seen such a whimsical picnic? This writer certainly had not. After approaching the group and complimenting them on the overall aesthetic, one of them mentioned the name “North East Picnic Co.” Well, it’s clear that this company can throw a pretty glamorous picnic, so we looked them up.

And look at the wonderful picnic facilities they have put in place.

Whether you’re planning a romantic date, a girls’ picnic, or wedding festivities, this could be such a special way to celebrate and spend time with the ones you love.

North East Picnic Co. seems to be fairly new, as its official logo mentions a founding date of 2022. So what services do they offer for these bohemian-inspired picnics?

According this Facebook post, the cost of a picnic package includes a table, cutlery (cutlery, napkins, etc.), blankets, pillows for each person, a decorative stool, flower centerpieces, an umbrella and a bottle of ‘sparkling water. You can even add a Bluetooth speaker, Polaroid camera and other fun features. How awesome is that?

For more information on North East Picnic Co., you can visit their Facebook or email

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