this company builds its products in the shape of animals

When it comes to innovation, few companies can eclipse Festo.

Festusas the company explains on its website, is a Company familiar ‘focused on the techniques of automating and world leader in vocational training and technical development‘. These are his two main areas of activity, but for what he is known for the general public, in recent times, is because of its ability to reproduce nature and get flying robots and drones that you never imagined could exist.

These flying machine assumed a revolution in various industries, aerospacewhere we find examples such as VIPER, the NASA drone that will be key in the following space missions, or in the fight against climate changewith drones used in Dubai, which shoot into the clouds to combat the drought.

Penguin-shaped flying robots are among the inventions imagined by the Festo company. Festus

The company that defies nature with creations that are as spectacular as they are practical: these are the products from Festo

Despite Festus has a catalog of over 30,000 productsin this article we would like to show you the four most interesting and different, the ones that will arouse your curiosity and ask you whether everything has already been invented. As you will see below, the answer is no.


We begin the review of the curiosities of Festo with flying penguins, the product the company saw fit to call AirPenguins. East autonomous control system with collective behavior This is composed of three penguins leaflets composed of flexible structures Yes rotating passive wings, to be able to fly in different directions, to be able to stay in the air thanks to its compensating helium balloon. The set can do synchronized actionswith an autonomous return to the charging station.

air jelly

The majesty of a astonished in the air. This might be the perfect definition of what an AirJelly is. This, according to the company description, is the ‘first indoor flying object with peristaltic propulsion‘. Use your eight tentacles to imitate the movement of real jellyfish, obtaining the energy necessary to float, thanks to the recoil principle. However, unlike its sea friends, the AirJelly travels through the air.


Defying the reign of birds in the air is a very complicated task, but the replica created by Festo, called SmartBird, is truly spectacular. East artificial bird It is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass and polyurethane foam, weighing only 450 gramswith a size of 1 meter in length and almost 2 meters wingspan. During the flight, a Software is responsible for registration Data of the bird and these are adjusted in real time.


The last of the inventions that aroused great curiosity in us is called BionicOpter and represents the world of insects in the technological field, imitating a dragonfly. The mechanical animal measures 44 centimeters in length and have one wingspan of 63 centimetersweighing only 175 grams. The rib cage is the one who integrates everything Components, 9 servos, battery, ARM microcontroller and various sensors. The animal, in this case, is made in a structure of elastic polyamide and terpolymer.