The tigers spread over the yellow vests continue to swell

A month ago, Clemson Football was installed as an 18.5-point favorite over Georgia Tech in the 2022 home opener at Atlanta on Labor Day night.

Three weeks later, we noted that the number had then increased to 19.5 because people had the opportunity to choose sides.

The Tigers are coming off a 10-3 injury-filled season, in which many fans and industry pundits believe the Tigers were underperforming, but you would never know that from the way early bets and line motion head.

Although minor injuries are starting to creep in, a relatively healthy Clemson team has now moved to 21-point favorites at Wyn Bet.

Interestingly, the plus/minus that used to be 49.0 now sits at 48.5. This implies a final score around 35-14 in favor of the Tigers.

Considering the Tigers struggled to score last season and only scored 14 points and had 284 yards against a Yellow Jacket team they beat 73-7, 52-14 in both years previous ones, I see this as a curious line, but maybe Georgia Tech is that bad.

Granted, Georgia Tech has struggled under Geoff Collins and enters the fourth year with 3 straight winning seasons and a 9-25 overall record.

Rumors began as early as July that Collins might not finish the season with Georgia Tech’s early schedule consisting of Clemson, West Carolina, Mississippi, UCF and Pittsburgh. An early 1-4 record is not out of the question.

Clemson football is now a three-touchdown favorite against Georgia Tech in Game 1 of 2022

But, we’re talking spreads here and with the offensive questions on the Clemson side, 21 points seems high at this point, but on the other hand, it’s hard to imagine Georgia Tech scoring more than 10 against a healthy Tiger defense. health without a defense or special teams scoring.

Can the Tigers reach 31?

Early bettors seem comfortable with Tigers coverage, however, as the increased spread means money coming in on the Tigers has caused the book to increase the spread in hopes of encouraging the bettors to bet on the Yellow Jackets.

In July, a loser projected that Clemson would easily cover that spread (before he knew the spread), but when there’s potentially money at stake, he’s a different animal.

This game (and all Clemson games against FBS teams) will be part of the Staff Picks Challenge (or whatever we call it) that will be brought to you shortly.