The luxury space balloon company has launched premium indoor seats. With $125,000 tickets?

Florida-based Space Perspectives, a startup that wants to transport passengers to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, unveiled the capsule interiors and onboard amenities that can be expected during the journey.

We’ve been keeping tabs on this company for the better part of two years now and one admirable thing apart from their promise to take you miles above the ground is that there has been no fare hikes that could possibly burn a bigger hole in your pocket. It is either a very good calculation from the start, or the mode of transport chosen by the company which reduces the costs.

How long does space travel take?

In case you missed our previous Space Perspectives coverage, here’s a quick recap. The company uses a hydrogen gas balloon to take you to a height of 100,000 feet (30,000 m) above the ground, where you are virtually above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere.

One might wonder if this is actually space travel, given that the altitude is still well below the Karman Line, the bone of contention between Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin last year. . However, unlike the “eight-minute trips to space” offered by these billionaire-backed companies, a Space Perspective balloon ride is less physically and financially demanding.

Keep in mind that the ascent and descent from this altitude takes around two hours each, while the company wants you to spend another two hours enjoying the views that no commercial aircraft can ever give you. In all, you get a six-hour adventure for a flat fee of $125,000.

What can you expect?

Source: Spatial perspectives

This may raise the question of what you can do on the trip. If you were to travel on a Branson or a Bezos spacecraft, you’d get a sterile white interior that looks borrowed from a sci-fi movie and keeps you strapped in.

However, on Spaceship Neptune, the name given by the company to its luxury capsule, you will find mood lighting and a soundtrack to make your journey more peaceful. The pressurized cabin comes with reclining seats from which you can enjoy a 360 degree view and just in case you want to take a close look at a star or planet, there is also a handy telescope.

The luxury space balloon company has launched premium indoor seats.  With $125,000 tickets?
Source: Spatial perspectives

Designed to accommodate eight passengers and a pilot, the capsule offers space for food and drinks as well as onboard Wi-Fi if you want to livestream your experience. Just in case you need to visit the toilets, there are also windows so you never miss the view.

To bring you back to Earth, the pilot will begin slowly releasing hydrogen from the balloon. A parachute system, used by space agencies to protect valuable cargo, can intervene if the rate of descent increases rapidly. Once on the ground, the capsule will be reused while hydrogen from renewable sources will be used to power the next flight. Space Perspectives claims its “spaceflight” is carbon neutral.

The company made the first flight of its gigantic balloon last year and plans to launch 25 such flights a year once it is operational in 2024. If you want to book a seat yourself, you have to wait since all flights for the first year are already booked.