State-of-the-art ball technology delivers best-in-class performance

By Nemanja Spasojevic – Senior Polymer Development Engineer

Finally a Ball that gets to the heart of the matter. Our CrossCut balloon contains one or more flat blade sections, which are integral to the balloon wall with endless possibilities of laser cut shapes. We can cut any profile or shape, for example, teeth for cutting, ridges for stent positioning/retrieval, slots or holes for drug elution applications, etc.

Ridgeback Technologies provides not only normal catheter balloons but also infusion balloons, cutting balloons and sensor balloons with very competitive lead times thanks to our in-house resources covering all aspects of balloon design and manufacturing .

For many years, medical device manufacturers have wanted a cutting balloon. This has never been properly done due to the complexity of making balloons, until now. Ridgeback Technologies has created an innovative and highly efficient cutting balloon that performs all required functions while maintaining the same basic architecture to link to existing catheter platforms.

See attached images and microscopic images of our CrossCut balloon. The advantage of this balloon is that it can complement existing catheter matrices because the balloon can be glued like a normal balloon without any special requirements.

Whatever your future requirements, we would love to work with you on your innovative and exciting projects using this technology.

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