PSEG-LI warns of the dangers of mylar balloons – Huntington Now

PSEG-LI warns residents about Mylar balloons, so popular at spring and summer graduations and weddings, and the problems they can cause if they get tangled in power lines.

The metallic mylar the balloons, if released into the air, can get tangled in overhead electrical equipment and create several problems.

“While they are festive, fun and beautiful, we want the public to know that metallic balloons also conduct electricity. If they break loose and come into contact with a power line or other electrical equipment, it could lead to power outages, fire and possibly personal injury,” said Michael Sullivan, vice president of transmission and the distribution of PSEG Long Island. “The safety of our customers and employees is PSEG Long Island’s #1 priority. We want our customers to know the risks and take steps to ensure their celebrations are a success.

The utility offers this advice:

  • Metallic balloons and other decorations should be kept away from overhead power lines and equipment, and never deliberately thrown into the air.
  • All balloons containing helium must be attached to weights that prevent them from blowing away.
  • To properly dispose of a Mylar balloon, safely puncture it in several places to release the helium and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Never touch a power line. Do not attempt to retrieve a ball, toy or anything caught in an overhead power line. Report it by contacting PSEG Long Island at 800-490-0075 so that a specially trained team can handle the issue.