PHOTOS: McKaila Vacation Pictures | K102

It was a (mostly) GREAT week off! It all started with Matt and I going up to my best friend Annie’s cabin for a night! We spent time with Annie, her sister and their two little boys.

After a night at Annie’s cabin, Matt and I spent the day with our pup, Chooch. We took him to one of his favorite places, a brasserie. Doesn’t he look like a happy camper?

It was after that that my vacation went downhill slightly. I woke up with (self-diagnosed) food poisoning/salmonella. So, it was 3 brutal days. After that, I was pretty much back to normal.

8-10 was a big weekend for me. It was called Calcutta weekend at my golf course, and also my DJ friend’s birthday party. DJ is my friend who passed away in February. Friday was my practice ride and during the ride I saw a cardinal (unfortunately didn’t get a picture.) There is a saying that when a cardinal appears it is a visitor from the sky. It was the first Cardinal I had seen since DJ died, so it was a welcome sight.

Saturday started the tournament, where I played with my partner Amanda and even had my niece Mila push my cart for me for a few holes.

Saturday night was DJ’s birthday party at the cabin. It was beautiful, fun and very moving. Pretty much our entire group of friends made it up to celebrate the good life DJ has lived.

As the sun set, we lit candles for his 29th birthday, listened to Cody Johnson’s “Til You Can’t” and launched balloons. We all cried and were just there for each other. I can’t say how special that moment was.

On top of that we had a Captain Morgan board (the DJ’s favorite drink) that we could all sign and which will be kept at the cabin. A friend of ours also made this beautiful bench which will be kept at the cabin.

After the most wonderful, but emotionally exhausting Saturday, I had to finish the Calcutta tournament on Sunday! My partner and I finished tied for 1st place, which meant we had to make a playoff hole. I have a “Live Like DJ” ball marker that I used all weekend, but never really looked at it until I scored my ball on the playoff hole. As soon as I tagged it, I heard Thomas Rhett’s “Heaven Right Now” playing from my golf cart, a song that always reminds me of a DJ. I made my putt, which gave us the win. I know DJ was there to cheer me on.