Opening a new balloon business on Foote Avenue

Kasey Cordosi prepares to open The Balloon Company, a new party supply business. The company will sell a wide range of balloon designs and party supplies for all occasions.

“I hope to open by the second week of September,” she said.

Kasey Cordosi plans to start The Balloon Company, a new party supply company at 1739 Foote Ave. Ext. Cordosi plans to open its store to the public in the coming weeks.

Cordosi’s love of decorating and making various types of art out of balloons sparked the creation of The Balloon Company.

Cordosi wants to provide its customers with one-of-a-kind balloon designs that cannot be seen in other outlets. She also wants to have an impact on the community by setting up a new business in the city. Balloons, according to Cordosi, have a “unique charm” that can make a difference in the many events people attend throughout the year.

“It comes from my love of decorating for birthdays and holidays,” she explained. “I knew I loved making balloons and party decorations, so it started as a hobby and turned into a business.”

“There is no doubt that balloons make every occasion more exciting,” she explained, “therefore, the company will help every event, whether it’s a school event, a wedding or simple birthday celebrations, simply bringing a touch of freshness to every event.”

One of the benefits of her store is that consumers will be able to purchase balloons and party supplies locally rather than online.

Customers will be able to purchase air and helium filled balloons, stuffed balloons, balloon columns, balloon bouquets, holiday decorations and gift wrap products from The Balloon Company. Cordosi hopes his business will bring joy to the Jamestown neighborhood and people will use his artwork for parties and other events.

“I’m thrilled to see my works all over the community,” she added, “just brightening people’s days and generating a certain charm that will ignite the celebration.” Cordosi’s main problem when starting his business was getting enough helium to open his store. According to Cordosi, the helium shortage has been global, but the supply is gradually increasing again.

“Luckily I was able to get some helium, but it delayed my store opening for a few months,” she said. Cordosi hopes that as the day of launching his balloon business approaches, people will explore the balloon creations and party supplies his store has to offer the community.

Cordosi said her store’s party supplies and balloon designs will be reasonably priced. “Our custom designs are very unique, and if anything, it gives people ideas,” Cordosi said. “If they stop by, they can find something for every occasion. They will be sure to find something. With our custom creations, the sky is the limit.

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  • Opening a new balloon business on Foote Avenue
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