Newell wants to ride a balloon triumphant against the storm

Sanguinetti will line up four defenders to face the balls: Méndez, Velázquez, Ditta and Luciano. There will be three midfielders: Sforza, Perez and Guillermo Balzi, who played a good game and scored a brilliant goal against Garnett.

And in attack, the trident will be wingers Ramiro Sordo and Brian Aguirre and nine as Jorcaif Risco, who will have another chance to show his positions from the start.

The game will favor Newell if the red and black wingers manage to impose a face-off position. Because if Sordo and Aguirre find the white and are precise with the ball, they can reach the final burning line.

The “ligaritos” of the park are the strengths of the Sanguinetti team. These allow the leprous attack to spread its wings and form a wide and deep team.

Otherwise, the red and black colors will become predictable and humbly fall into the funnel of the storm guard.

And if Pablo Perez manages to handle the ropes in the midfield, the process will be content with leprosy. In this sense, its slopes, Sforza and Balzi should be illuminated, with a deployment to mark marks and with the courage to step on enemy soil.

Newell pulled his feet out of the mud last night, but it’s still not on solid ground game-wise.

As a result, tonight you will have a good challenge to strengthen your recovery. The Tomas Duco stadium will be his “palace of opportunity”.

Juanchon and Ferreira, focus

For the fifteenth Professional League date, new on Newells focus list to travel to Huracan on Saturday night is the return of the availability of Juan Manuel García and Cristian Ferreira, both of Juanchon after recovering from their respective diseases. There was muscle strain and Ferreira had a right plantar fascia injury. Both will be like relays in front of the ball.

The other players who make up the targeted list are goalkeepers: Morales, Herrera and San Juan. Defenders: Luciano, Ditta, Mendez, Mancilla, Velázquez, Glavinovich, Campagnaro and Jacob. Midfielders: Perez, Sforza, Portillo, Benitez and Balzi. And so on: Risco, Aguirre, Rossi, Sordo, Singolani and Panchito Gonzalez.

Works :

Hurricane: Lucas Chaves; Guillermo Soto, Patricio Pizarro or Santiago Moya, Fernando Tobio and Lucas Carrizo; Santiago Heze and Federico Fattori; Benjamin Gare, Franco Cristaldo and Rodrigo Cabral; Mattias Kokaro.

CB: Diego Dabov 4-2-3-1

Newells: Lautaro Morales; Armando Mendez, Gustavo Velazquez, Villar Ditta and Martin Luciano; John Sforza, Paul Perez and Guillermo Balzi; Def Ramiro, Jorkef Risco and Brian Aguirre.

CB: Javier Sanguinetti 4-3-3

Stadium: Huracan / Referee: Jorge Balino / Time: 8:30 p.m. / TV: ESPN Premium / Public TV