Merit Medical launches new balloon lung dilator

Merit Medical Systems (Nasdaq: MMSI) today announced the launch of the smallest and shortest configuration in its Elation portfolio.

Merit, based in South Jordan, Utah, designed its new Elation lung balloon to allow physicians to precisely match the diameter and length of the balloon to specific small airways in the lungs, providing options for treatment to more patients with an expanded range of configurations.

The company said in a press release that, historically, doctors have relied on single-stage cardiovascular balloons that were “often too big and too long” for use in smaller airways.

“This is the first dilation balloon with a pulmonary indication that has an appropriate size and length for smaller airways,” said Dr. Ali Sadoughi, director of interventional pulmonology and bronchoscopy services at Montefiore Medical Center. , in the press release. “This new configuration helps me safely dilate difficult strictures, including those in the short airways at the lobar and segmental levels, without fear of over-dilation beyond the intended site.”

Dr. Ankit Dhamija, assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Stony Brook Medicine, added that the Elation balloon dilator is “the only one on the market” that allows for safe and precise balloon dilation of the small distal airways.

The configuration of the multi-tiered balloon measures 4-5-6 mm by 1.5 cm. In addition to unique sizing, it has a torsion-resistant catheter that allows for multiple insertions and dilations during a single procedure, potentially eliminating the need for a second balloon.

“The new Elation balloon configuration is an important addition to our pulmonary portfolio because it provides a treatment option for patients who would otherwise not have it,” said Fred P. Lampropoulos, president and CEO of Merit Medical. “This is a great example of how we are focused on understanding the needs of physicians and their patients and bringing innovative solutions to market.”

Elation is part of a broader portfolio of pulmonary innovations that offers airway stents, guidewires, bronchoscopy kits, balloon dilators, inflation devices and accessories used to provide interventional and palliative treatment options .