Meet Charlie K: WVU alum specializes in balloon art decoration, event planning | Culture

Every game day in Morgantown, hundreds of football fans staying at the Hilton Garden Inn walk past an arch made of gold and blue balls. The artist behind the design is WVU alumnus Charlotte Kwofie.

Kwofie started at WVU Potomac State, enrolled in the interior design program. Now she runs a full-service event planning and decorating company in Morgantown, Charlie K Events and Decor.

In college, she said she dreamed of becoming an interior designer, fueled by her obsession with HGTV shows.

“I started in the interior design program because I really wanted to be an interior designer. At one point I was obsessed with HGTV,” Kwofie said. “I went through some family issues during that time, so this year has been a lot for me.”

Kwofie left his home in Canada to pursue higher education in the United States

“I came here by myself – I’m still here by myself – so it was really difficult,” she said. “I had to miss school because I was paying from the state and out of pocket all the time.”

Despite the difficulties Kwofie faced, she said she commends WVU for supporting her during her time at the school.

“This school is really good at supporting their students, especially in the art programs,” Kwofie said. “I appreciate the teachers. They helped a lot. There was a lot going on with my family at that time.

As Kwofie took a more non-traditional path through college, she would eventually earn two degrees from WVU in event planning entrepreneurship and agricultural business.

These skills allow Kwofie to bring a lot to the table and make things easier for his clients.

“I can cover everything. I can do the decor. I can find you a place. I can find the caterer,” she said. “But if you don’t need all those things, we can tailor it to your needs.”

Events are an opportunity for Kwofie to indulge his creative side and do something unforgettable with his products.

“So my thing is always to bring someone’s vision to life, but also to add the fact that it’s a timeless piece,” she said. “There is no real process for what I do. I just go with it. I keep in mind what they want and try to bring it to life.

Since each Kwofie custom piece is truly one-of-a-kind, she hopes to pursue her interior design dreams by opening a decorating department.

“I can provide custom furniture or custom murals or we can do your countertops or flooring. So that’s the decor side,” Kwofie said. “And then I have the event planning side.”

Kwofie will be at this upcoming art walk sponsored by Main Street Morgantown on Friday, October 14, from 6-9 p.m.

More information about the event can be found on the Main Street Morgantown Facebook page.

For more on Kwofie’s stuff, check out her Facebook page, Charlie K Events and Decor, or her Instagram @charliekevents.