Maine Company Gifting 10-Foot Tall Sign in Lewiston

There has been a mystery for passers-by in Lewiston recently. People walking or driving near Veterans Memorial Park tried to figure out what was being installed. After weeks of planning a new platform, people wondered aloud if the city could install an outdoor stage or build the park for a different purpose. Turns out both are true. Veterans Memorial Park will house a new concrete stage for live events, but it’s also set to feature one of the largest and most impressive freestanding signs in any Maine.

Facebook through Neokraft Sign Inc.

Facebook through Neokraft Sign Inc.

Shared on Facebook by Neokraft Signs Inc, to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary, they’re donating eight 10-foot-tall letters that will spell “Lewiston” to the city. Neokraft saw its 75th anniversary as an opportunity to give back to Lewiston for helping them become and maintain a business for nearly a century, and the new letter display is sure to attract attention.

The project is ongoing, with only the letter N installed so far. Neokraft plans to install the eight letters before the July 4 holiday weekend when Lewiston hosts Liberty Fest. Some of the photos shared by Neokraft online show how impressive and visible the letters will be when they are all fully installed. The large-scale panel is also sure to be a huge hit later this year, when Lewiston holds its annual Great Falls Hot Air Balloon Festival August 19-21.

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