Hot Air Balloon Festival Takes Flight –

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival is back from Wednesday afternoon.

Organizer Jamie Kinghorn says the highlight for residents near and far is Balloon Glow Friday Night.

“That’s when people can get really close to the balloons, so it’s going to be on the west side of Center (Street) in the old Wallaceville neighborhood there, a few notes for people are that we will be closing Center Street at approximately 4 a.m. northbound and southbound,” he said.

There will be paid parking lots at the Ag Grounds and across from Tim Horton’s in the northwest and at the Coop on 12th Avenue.

The cost is $20 per car and Kinghorn says to bring cash as they won’t have debit or credit facilities available.

Shuttle buses will take people to the Balloon Glow area.

A map of the Balloon Glow site

Kinghorn says that when his old balloon wore out, he realized the price of a new balloon and a friend suggested he build his own.

“A light came on and I sat on a plane with an XL spreadsheet and started putting different colors on the spreadsheet and found the pattern and of course I always liked Egyptian history and one of my favorites was the Eye of Ra symbol so I had to incorporate that into the design.”

They’re still looking for volunteers for the Wednesday afternoon flight, the only one of the day, so if you want to help, meet at the Heritage Inn around 4 p.m.

Flights take place each morning approximately one hour after sunrise and again approximately two hours before sunset.