Hot air balloon crash in Austrian Alps injures nine | world news

Nine people have been injured after a hot air balloon crashed east of the Alps in Austria on Saturday.

Emergency services were dispatched to the scene of the accident in the Bucklige Welt region, an area known for its hilly landscape, around 86 km south of the capital Vienna.

Two passengers were seriously injured and were found alongside two injured others in the rural town of Untereck.

Five other passengers were found with minor injuries about three miles near Stang.

The cause of the accident remains uncertain at this time.

The two seriously injured people were airlifted by helicopter to local hospitals.

According to Austrian newspaper The Kurier, the accident happened as the balloon was about to land in a meadow.

It is believed to have descended too quickly and bounced off the ground, knocking four people, including the pilot and co-pilot, from the basket.

The four were dragged a few meters before the plane took off again – still carrying the remaining five passengers.

The pilot allegedly explained to air passengers how to make an emergency landing over the phone, according to the newspaper, before the balloon finally came to rest in a forest.

In June of last year, five people died after a hot air balloon was blown into power lines by a gust of wind in New Mexico, United States.

The pilot and three passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.

A fifth person died after being rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

In Germany, three people died and a child was injured after a the plane collided with a hot air balloon and then crashed into a building in the town of Wesel, 35 miles north of Düsseldorf, in July 2020.