High-altitude balloon startup reveals design for luxurious ‘Space Lounge’

Talk about a view!

Lounge area

The tourism start-up Space Perspective has just unveiled the design of its “Space Lounge” cabin, which is one day destined to ascend into the Earth’s atmosphere, suspended from a massive balloon.

And while it looks cozy as hell — imagine a man cave, but 20 miles in the air, with expansive views out the floor-to-ceiling windows — to call it a ‘space’, it’s all for the best. misleading.

The balloon, which the company calls “the world’s only carbon-neutral spacecraft” on its website, will take the circular structure just 20 miles from the planet’s surface, well below anything you could reasonably define as outer space.

In other words, it’s yet another space tourism company misusing the term “space” to cash in on the trend.

Atmospheric flight

While 20 miles isn’t even a third of the way to the Karman Line, the internationally recognized – but largely arbitrary – edge of space, the company says the experience will still be spectacular, allowing the wealthy to gaze in deep black from beyond.

Space Perspective says it has already sold over 600 tickets for the six-hour experience – at $125,000 per ticket.

“We’re above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere,” said co-founder Jayne Poynter. France Media Agency.

Poynter doubled down on this interpretation that sliding up to 20 miles goes into space.

“We wanted to find a way that really changed the way people think about spaceflight that makes it much more approachable and approachable,” Poynter added.

It certainly sounds like an accessible experience, especially since passengers will never actually feel the effects of weightlessness, which are arguably an integral part of spaceflight.

Do not mistake yourself. Misleading marketing aside, the experience sounds delightful. The lounge will also have a bar and even WiFi connectivity.

Don’t expect to qualify as an astronaut once you land on the surface.

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