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Jonathan Anderson’s namesake JW Anderson line and his work for Loewe earned him a reputation as the current king of surrealist fashion. The Spanish luxury leather goods brand has given carte blanche to the British designer to highlight the most inventive pieces, particularly in the field of accessories. More particularly, in the field of footwear.

This has included egg yolk heels, nail polish heels, rose petal heels, and more. Even though Anderson once again invigorated Loewe with a new look and a focus on the body, the shoes started to take on an even more interesting twist. The Fall 22 collection had leather boots wrapped around the ankle and heeled sandals that appeared to be tied in a bow with Mylar. But the most exciting pieces were dresses and heels accented with 3D balloon shapes, from shoulders to bustiers, ankle straps to actual heels.

This time, the designer used real balloons for her heels. At the Spring/Summer 23 women’s show on Friday at Paris Fashion Week, Anderson sent models down in a pair of gigantic, slouchy pumps that, on closer inspection, were actually made of deflated balloons.

The Loewe balloon pumps in deflated balloons for spring summer ’23.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Loewe

Anderson continued to explore the idea of ​​inflating and deflating shoes, also introducing a series of red, black, and matte glossy clay pumps (all made of a durable rubber) that appeared to have been inflated around the foot.

loewe, balloon shoes, paris fashion week

Loewe Spring Summer ’23.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Loewe

The idea of ​​an inflated sense of nature also came into play with a series of artificial and exaggerated flowers, which were applied to strappy sandals and also affixed to the body on ready-to-wear.

loewe, loewe shoes, paris fashion week

Spring-Summer 2023 floral pumps from Loewe.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Loewe