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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Dead & Company’s long-awaited concert scheduled for Wednesday night was canceled hours prior.

Thousands of tie-dye-clad fans flocked to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Wednesday to find the concert had been canceled about four hours prior.

The announcement on the SPAC website read, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight’s Dead & Company concert at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is cancelled. Tickets purchased online through Ticketmaster or Live Nation will automatically be refunded. All other refunds can be obtained at the point of sale.

Fans weren’t initially sure why the concert was apparently suddenly canceled, but they shared that the rest of their tour dates shouldn’t be affected. Around 4 p.m. Wednesday, guitarist John Mayer shared that his father “suffered a medical emergency and was transported to the emergency room where he received much needed and high quality care,” in an Instagram post. Mayer said that at the time of his post, his father was quite stable and said he would have to stay in New York and could not play in the concert at SPAC that night.

Pictures: After Dead & Company’s canceled show at SPAC (14 photos)

Fans mostly understood the situation and continued to not let the cancellation ruin their good time by browsing Dead & Company’s merchandise, food, drink and other recreational substances on Shakedown Street.

“They said they were going to reschedule, and I’ll be there too,” said Mark Richardson, 57, of Rhode Island. “It’s horrible to hear that something happened with his dad, I wish him the best and hope he gets better soon but we’re all here already. We’re all family. Everything’s going well for me.

Richardson said he attended 63 Dead concerts in his lifetime, including three at SPAC. He explained that he loved when they played SPAC because he had an old friend from college who lived nearby who he could hang out with.

“It’s a disappointment,” Dinese Thompson said. “We [she and her husband Rob] just drove three hours to get here. But it’s a big city. Saratoga Springs, we love it.

The couple drove from New York and did not learn of the cancellation until they reached Halfmoon, Rob Thompson said. He said he received an email from someone else telling him about Mayer’s father. He said they had been coming to concerts since 1976 and had taken a break for a few years because they had children and were going to concerts again. The couple said they attended more than 100 shows together during that time.

Ryan and Alexa, who declined to give their last names, planned to celebrate their anniversary at the concert. They met at a Dead & Company concert last year. They learned about the cancellation through word of mouth and messages they had seen on social media.

“From what we’ve heard, we feel really awful,” Ryan said. “We can’t feel anything negative, it’s a tragedy and it affects John.”

The couple drove from New Jersey to the concert and were able to stroll down Shakedown Street for much of the afternoon.

“It’s just a sad situation,” Alexa said. “I especially feel bad for John and the band.”

The concert’s cancellation also caused potential problems for some Shakedown Street vendors.

The owner of Bam Bam’s Bake Shop, a man who calls himself “Bam Bam”, said police tried to evict him early from the event despite having the proper permits in place. He said he was trying to get his business off the ground.

“When I got here, they charged us $100 each,” Bam Bam said. “So I’ve got this permit right there, there’s no mention of no refunds. It says we make a deal that we’re here until 7 p.m., then 15 minutes ago, Live Nation, who billed me, said I had 15 minutes to pick up and get out of here. And so I said, ‘Well, give me back half my money’ and they said they don’t couldn’t do that.”

Bam Bam said he would continue to sell his baked goods.

In addition to the nearly 60 vendors with venues on Shakedown Street, other people walked throughout the event selling beers from coolers they wore, hats they sold on their heads and balloons filled with possibly illicit substances. State Police were seen riding down Shakedown Street, popping some people’s balloons as they passed.

Pictures: After Dead & Company’s canceled show at SPAC (14 photos)

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