Coney’s ball career on the verge of new heights

RINCON – There’s no enthusiasm for balls from 39-year-old Kenedra Coney. She has loved making things since she was a little girl.

Coney’s creations are only limited by his imagination. She can make anything from a bee to a bulldozer out of rubber bags filled with air.

“Ironically, my mom is afraid of balloons,” said Coney, owner of KC’s Goodies and Balloons. “She didn’t allow me to have balloons but as I got older I started making balloons mostly for my kids. I made them for my cousins ​​and went from there to – now – do them professionally.

Coney’s audience will be much bigger in November. She is about to participate in the Big Balloon Build in Kansas City, Missouri. She will be part of a talented international team that will use more than 100,000 balloons to build a winter wonderland to benefit Operation Breakthrough, an organization that provides a safe, loving and educational environment for poor children.

“I think the last one they did filled a whole stadium with balloons,” Coney said.

Coney will be in Kansas City with 65 other ball professionals for five days. They have permission to recreate several Hasbro toys in their build.

The Hasbro line includes Nerf, My Little Pony, Transformers, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Power Rangers, Peppa Pig and more.

“We’re actually going to follow a design (a blueprint),” Coney said. “Each of us will work eight hours a day for five days.”

Fortunately, Coney and his cronies won’t have to rely on strong lungs to fill their balloons. They will use battery operated inflators.

“There will probably be hundreds of them there,” she explained.

Coney is looking forward to seeing the other ball pros at work so she can learn something from them.

“Right now I’m in this phase of trying to become a certified balloon artist,” Coney said. “That way I can go anywhere in the world.”

To earn the Big Balloon Build certification, Coney must pass a written exam and demonstrate an acceptable level of skill among a panel of other balloon artists.

Coney made a dinosaur out of balloons. It was one of his most complex projects to date.

“It was big,” she said. “I would say it took almost 350 balls. It was for a birthday. »

Coney, who has been in her business for 10 years, said she also enjoys twisting balloons.

“That’s mostly what I get calls for – doing balloon twisting and balloon art,” she said.

During the interview for this story, Coney twisted balloons together into a crown shape in seconds.

“People can see the different designs I make on my website (,” she said.

KC goodies and balloons can be contacted at (912) 665-9986.