Concept Medical Group, Envision Scientific Pvt. wins the “Best Exporter 2021-22” prize awarded by SurSEZ under the aegis of the Ministry of Trade and Industry

Surat (Gujarat) [India]May 7: based on surah Envision Scientific Private Limited (ESPL), a Concept Medical Group company, was awarded the “Best Exporter of the Year 2021-22” award for being the top exporter in the medical device industry by Surat Special Economic Zone (SurSEZ) in the framework of special initiatives of the MCI (Ministry of Trade and Industry) on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

The Best Exporter of the Year 2021-22 was presented to Mr. Bhavdeep Doshi, Company Director during the award ceremony held under the chairmanship of SurSEZ Development Commissioner, Virendra Singh (ITS), and Asst. CGST Commissioner and Customs Specified Officer, SEZ, SACHIN, Ashok Singh (IRS).

SurSEZ has become the 2nd contributor to exports from SEZs in India. The export of SurSEZ increased significantly by 20% to Rs. 22,035 crores in 2021-22 from Rs. 17,845 crores in the previous year.

“SurSEZ is the second largest contributor to India’s overall exports. India’s overall exports grew from $292 billion in 20-21 to $420 billion in 21-22, an increase of 44 % and the highest ever reached to date. We would like to thank contributors such as Envision Scientific Pvt. Ltd, & medical concept Group for making this possible at SurSEZ,” said Virendra Singh, Development Commissioner, SurSEZ at the ceremony.

ESPL, incorporated in 2008, is the sole manufacturing entity for all the innovative products of the Concept Medical group. The group of companies is a market leader in drug delivery technology in the medical device industry and holds more than 100 patents for its products, technology and combined devices. The company develops a variety of medical devices used for intervention in coronary artery disease (CAD) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Concept Medical Group is among the 21 applicants approved by the central government under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) for the successful commissioning of the project and additional sales of the Indian-made medical device.

Recently, the Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mansukh Mandaviya, said that the medical device sector in the country has huge potential for growth in domestic and global markets and companies should take a step significant step forward in strengthening the national supply chain by participating in the PLI scheme.

“It is a great joy for us to be awarded the Best Exporter 2021-22 award in the category of Medical Devices. The Government of India’s PLI program will go a long way in reducing the dependence on the import of raw materials and equipment. medical as we already have proprietary technology to create world-class products by combining the Bare Metal Stent (BMS) project.Through this Green Field project, the PLI program will generate significant job opportunities by generating added value (DVA) This will be a big plus for our many clinical tests underway and planned worldwide with the increase in production of our SurSEZ unit. We are sure to double the number of exports with more production and self-reliance under this project in the coming times, helping India become the world leader in medical device market and pharmaceutical industry. with abundant availability and production, which is the vision of our honorable PM. Modi too.” quoted, Dr. Manish Doshi (Founder and Managing Director – Concept Medical group of companies).

According to Dr. Manish, in-house manufacturing of stents offers a good cost trade-off compared to the cost of imported stents which require a longer storage period and sometimes impose less flexibility in the product line.

Concept Medical is a maverick in the field of drug delivery technology and medical devices with its renowned Drug-eluting stents and Drug-covered balloons, both highly acclaimed and recognized worldwide. The group company is the fastest growing company in its industry and is a trendsetter in the truest sense of the word. Of the society some products have made a name for themselves in the international market for the treatment of coronary and peripheral arterial diseases, thanks to its exclusive technology. ESPL’s (Concept Medical) SurSEZ unit is the largest drug-eluting stent and drug-coated balloon manufacturing unit in Asia; a tremendous achievement in itself.

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