China Grove warmly welcomes Macy’s after company announces Rowan County distribution center – Reuters

CHINA GROVE — Local elected officials and economic leaders gathered at China Grove City Hall on Thursday evening to welcome the city’s newest corporate resident and celebrate the largest job announcement in Rowan County history. .

With banners bearing the company logo, red and white balloons floating through the air and a sliced ​​congratulations cake for all to enjoy, all that was missing was a parade.

The celebration came just hours after Macy’s announced a $584.3 million investment in a 1.4 million square foot e-commerce distribution center at China Grove Exit 68.

“The warm welcome you all gave us, I can’t even thank you enough for your hospitality,” said Jodi Buhrman, vice president of supply chain at Macy’s. “The excitement you all feel is what we feel as well and I would like to echo all the thanks that have been shared. The community has done such a fabulous job of providing us with the incentives and growth opportunities to come here that we know will be a great partnership.

The project is expected to generate 2,800 jobs, more than double the amount announced when Chewy signaled its arrival in 2019 – the previous record. Rod Crider, chairman of the Rowan Economic Development Council, pointed to Chewy’s arrival as the catalyst for the growth that has occurred since, including Macy’s arrival.

“Chewy has really set the ball rolling for us and what we’re hearing from a lot of developers is that if Chewy comes to Rowan County maybe they should take a look at it too” , said Crider.

Founded in 1858 in New York, Macy’s has been around much longer than Chewy. While the golden age of department stores seems like a thing of the past, the well-known company is moving forward with a focus on the future of online retail.

“I’m glad it’s Macy’s because Macy’s is a long-established company and has been around for so long, they’ve done something good during that time,” China Grove Mayor Charles Seaford said. “I see them with this distribution center as the next step in growing their business.”

County Chairman Greg Edds said Macy’s brings more than experience and strong brand recognition to Rowan County.

“You don’t just build a building, and you know that,” Edds said. “You build community and that’s a big deal for us because it’s a four letter word and I said it’s hope. It really brings hope to our community.