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How can this be? All of his clients appear to be unharmed, alive and healthy! What does it take to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars? We personally know of two victims who were denied representation by “he got me” without any plausible explanation. A complete car in total, physical injuries and all the complications that come with it. The other a motorcycle accident with many different issues and none were compensated near those outrageous advertisements! So is this false advertising? This is certainly the reason why all our rates have been increased. I’m ticked!

Friday our The cable went out, so we called the cable company to put the cable back on. After talking to a rep who was in Jamaica, she handed it over but changed our package to HD which we hadn’t requested. After four hours we finally spoke to a supervisor and she told us that the package we had was no longer available and if we want to watch our favorite channels it will cost more. We had no choice. It’s crazy how we’ve been treated after being their customer for seven years.

I’m ticked to the popularity of painting beautiful brick houses with white paint. What’s going on with these owners? The brick gives charm and personality to a house, a uniqueness. Why strip that off your house with generic white paint? My neighborhood had three houses covered in just six months. Think before you paint!

I want to thank the most wonderful staff at a local fast food restaurant. I had just finished my cancer treatment and went in for lunch. They prepared a surprise party for me with balloons, flowers, a special card signed by the staff, a very meaningful cowbell and gift cards! It made me feel very special and so happy. What a kind, caring, caring and wonderful group of young and old workers who are like family to me. I will never forget their kindness and effort to make someone’s day special! Thanks!