Certified Balloon Artists Go Business Full Time

Urban Balloons by Dawn, mother-daughter duo, take on the Albuquerque party decoration market

ALBUQUERQUE, NM /ACCESSWIRE/October 17, 2022/ Urban Balloons by Dawn is a local, women-owned balloon company serving the Albuquerque metro area. The “dynamic duo” mother-daughter team has been making Albuquerque parties and events more festive for several years. But now they’ll be able to serve their captivating balloon creations to even more customers, as they both recently quit their other jobs to become full-time balloon artists.

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To learn more about Urban Balloons by Dawn, visit https://www.urbanballoonsbydawn.com/.

Dawn Warnack started balloon art when she wanted to create something amazing for her wife’s 50th birthday party. She had a knack for it and became obsessed with it. She therefore obtained a license and certification and has been creating personalized balloons ever since.

Warnack quickly brought his daughter, Brianna Lewis, to the team. They are both Qualatex certified, an extensive certification process that takes weeks to prepare for and culminates in a 4-6 hour practical and oral exam. Warnack explained,

“This certification process sets us apart. The process is rigorous and takes a lot of time and commitment. But we are committed to being at the cutting edge of ball art, so maintaining our certifications with Qualatex is essential for us. .”

With the business expanding and demand for custom balloon art high, Lewis and Warnack recently quit their other full-time jobs to make Urban Balloons by Dawn their full-time business. With their additional availability, they hope to expand their take-out services, as well as their facilities on a larger scale.

“We pride ourselves on our custom designs and sculptures – we always say, ‘if you can dream it, we can do it.’ We love staging and set ups, we love being able to work with clients on their larger vision of an event, not just a random balloon garland or column that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the party.

However, aside from elaborate party landscapes, Warnack and Lewis are still very experienced in designing classic balloons. Classic designs like balloon arches are prevalent in schools and corporate gatherings, and balloon columns are a classic design that brings color and playfulness to almost any event.

Urban Balloons by Dawn makes their balloon designs even more accessible by offering them as a to-go deal. Columns can fit in the back of an SUV, so if a customer wants to save a little money or have control of the pickup, the grab-and-go is a great option. They are also starting to offer take-out garlands.

About Dawn Urban Balloons

Urban Balloons by Dawn is a mother-daughter team of certified balloon artists serving the Greater Albuquerque area. Their most common balloon art includes balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon garlands, and custom balloons, including large-scale balloon installations.

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