Branding Company invests heavily in new eco-friendly balloons

Brand Republic invests heavily in promotional balloons made from natural products like latex. They believe it will help the environment and the users.

When exposed to the sun, the degradation process increases; however, microorganisms will attack the rubber, even in dark places. ”

—Kim Brooker

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, August 15, 2022 / — Brand Republic is pleased to announce an increased level of investment in the production of new ecological balloons. The company is aware that its customers use printed balloons for a variety of purposes, including events and receptions. However, they also understand that balloons are generally not environmentally friendly with billions of balloons used each year.

Today, the company aims to disrupt the market by investing heavily in making balloons made from natural materials like latex.

Latex is a natural, biodegradable substance that breaks down in both sunlight and water. When exposed to the sun, the degradation process increases; however, microorganisms will attack the rubber, even in dark places.

According to Brand Republic, once they burst or deflate, balloons can remain in the environment for decades and often end up in waterways. This is not the case with the new ecological balloons in which the company is investing.

The new balloons are also inexpensive and offer health benefits. Brand Republic claims that many typical balloons sold in the market are hazardous to people’s health as they are often made of poor quality materials that may contain toxic chemicals. The company wants to make sure its balloons help set a new standard for health.

Brand Republic believes that customers and customers are much more aware when selecting products that are less harmful to the environment and their health. They want to make sure they offer the best choice on the market.

About BrandRepublic

Brand Republic is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality premium products promotional products in the Australian market. A leading supplier of promotional products, the company offers a wide range of different merchandise, including clothes and clothing, bags, pens, mugs and balloons to name a few.

The company helps companies implement strong marketing strategies with unique, high-quality promotional products that their customers will love. They aim to create striking and captivating items that leave a lasting impression on every customer.

Brand Republic is constantly looking for ways to ensure they improve their services for every customer. They believe that by emphasizing eco-friendly products such as latex balloons, companies will be able to send the right message to their customers, enforcing their green credentials.

You can find more information about Brand Republic and the products they offer on their professional website. Alternatively, a company representative can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

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