Balloon Fiesta aims to break the record for the most remote-controlled balloons in the air

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) — This year, the Balloon Fiesta is trying to break another record for the most remote-controlled balloons in the air at once. This is only the second year for RC Balloons at the Balloon Fiesta.

Matt McKay prepares to fly his RC balloon, a hobby he started six years ago. Since then, the Los Lunas firefighter has already built seven RC balloons. He will fly them at this year’s Balloon Fiesta.

“I have a fire truck balloon that I hope to have there. I also have a few other balloons, different models that are smaller than this, and I have a new special shape coming to Fiesta that is secret at this point,” McKay said.

Last year there were 30 RC balloons at the Balloon Fiesta. They must fly 55 RC balloons to break the record set in Germany.

After seeing how popular RC balloons have become, enthusiasts started the Enchanted Model Balloons club last year. There are over 30 members now, and some will be attending the Balloon Fiesta.

Remote control balloons cost around $1,000. Propane-powered balloons can also fly about 400 feet high.