An American company plans to take tourists to space in a balloon in 2024

New Delhi: Fancy a luxurious hot-air balloon ride? If so, the one shown in this photo is the right ball for it. It was not a normal balloon that rose, rotated four times and landed on the ground. Strictly speaking, this is a new type of spaceship.

This is a new space tourism experience. If one sits there in a relaxed way, one can go to the ends of space. You can rise a hundred thousand feet from the ground, and from there you can contemplate the ball-shaped globe.

This is not the only feature of it. In this, all the luxury and facilities of star hotels are available. The name of this luxury spaceship is “Spaceship Neptune”. US private space tourism company “Space Perspective” is making arrangements to take tourists to space in 2024. The company claims that it will provide tourists with a luxurious space travel experience for the first time in the world.

“Spacecraft Neptune” is almost the size of a football field. Its length is seven hundred feet, and when fully extended, its volume is 1.8 million cubic feet. According to company information, if you travel there, you will be able to see the whole world in 360 degrees. To travel there, one has to pay 1.25 lakh dollars (Rs. 99.61 lakhs) and reserve a seat.