A hot air balloon lands in Melbourne’s inner south at Elwood

Wild images have emerged aboard the hot air balloon which crashed in Melbourne this morning.

A passenger’s harrowing experience on a hot air balloon has come to light after it crashed in South Melbourne on Wednesday morning.

The video shows the ball first hitting a building, before crashing through trees and hitting the ground with a thud in Elwood.

Victoria Police said the balloon and the 13 people on board crashed at around 7.20am at Tiuna Grove.

It was apparently the third time the Liberty Flights balloon had attempted to land after being in the air for around half an hour.

Emergency services were called to the scene, but there were no injuries.

The basket landed in the driveway, with photos from the scene showing the ball draped over a building and trees.

Pilot Nick Braw told 3AW that some sort of malfunction had occurred.

“I can’t explain what the malfunction is, so I don’t know what caused it,” he said.

“But the valve that releases hot air from above, which we use to maneuver the balloon, was not properly sealed.

“It was a bit difficult to keep the ball in the air. I was flying low to try and knock it down.

“I was aiming for the beach but we didn’t get to about 200 yards.”

Mr Braw, who has been flying for 27 years, said it was the first time it had happened to him.

He also clarified that it was an “emergency landing” and not a “forced landing”.

“There was control when we came down, it’s not like we fell from the sky,” he said.

Nicola, who saw it from the beach, also told 3AW she got a “shock” when she saw the ball go down.

She said he “bounced off some trees when he landed,” but everyone seemed fine.

“Scary, but everyone is fine,” she said.

“No one was shouting, everyone was really calm.”

Two people on board also told him it was their third attempt to land.

The Australian Transport Safety Board has opened an investigation into the accident.

‘Transport safety investigators from our Melbourne office arrived on scene earlier this morning to begin the evidence gathering phase of our investigation,’ Stuart Godley said.

“Investigators have begun the process of interviewing the pilot and passengers of the balloon as well as witnesses to the accident.

“Investigators have also recovered the balloon for specialist examination at an independent technical facility and will review operator procedures and records.”

The ATSB will issue a final report when the investigation is complete, but if If critical security issues are identified, the organization will immediately notify the affected parties.

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