3 fast-selling crypto coins set to explode in late 2022: Avalanche, Litecoin, Big Eyes

It’s an exciting time for cryptocurrency buyers. The massive market crash of the past year has left the door open for investors to jump in – if they’re brave enough to risk their hard-earned cash.

Now is the time to buy: with total value falling across all currencies, you’ll get more for your money when investing, and if the market rebounds from previous highs, your returns are almost guaranteed to be massive.

Let’s analyze 3 coins that are expected to explode in value as early as next month: Avalanche (AVAX), Litecoin (LTC) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Each of these coins is a wise investment at the moment, and many crypto experts have been tipping these coins to reach the lofty heights of coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ripple (XRP). Read on to find out why.

Avalanche: Fast as a blizzard

Avalanche (AVAX) is a skillful operation. As anyone with marketing or sales experience knows, first impressions count for a lot. Fortunately, the homepage and press materials supporting Avalanche (AVAX) are sleek and professional. The token’s emblems and graphic designs are clean and symmetrical, with a refreshingly simple and modern feel.

The factors above are great indicators of a coin to watch, but Avalanche (AVAX) isn’t just flashy – it’s also fiery, despite its icy namesake. Behind the fancy wrapping paper, there’s a solid blockchain ethos at work here.

The technological underpinnings of the piece are impressive, to say the least. Avalanche’s primary use is as an accessible platform for hosting smart contracts. It’s a hub for decentralized finance innovation, and if you’re reading this article now, you probably have all the gear you need to start developing an app with this technology.

The token attached to this platform, AVAX, serves as the primary currency of the network and is ranked 18th in the global cryptocurrency rankings. This success can be attributed to the network’s notorious speeds, which are among its most attractive selling points.

Measured by time to finality, Avalanche (AVAX) is the fastest smart contract platform in the cryptocurrency industry. Transactions are finalized in about 1 second. The icing on the cake is that this quick and easy calculation keeps the fees low, meaning you lose less of your investment when trading through the platform or when trading with AVAX.

These achievements and features combine to make Avalanche (AVAX) a powerful option if you are looking for a coin that will rise sharply as the rest of the market rises.

Litecoin: Simplicity Perfected

Litecoin’s design philosophy focuses on clean transactions, light computing loads, and accessibility. In many ways, this altcoin can be considered an analogue of Bitcoin (BTC), but without the baggage that the giant token carries, and with a beautifully clean and simple user interface.

Like Avalanche (AVAX), Litecoin (LTC) has a sleek landing page and clear, concise mission statements: decentralized money for all, airtight security, accessibility for all, and continuous evolution and development to improve the platform.

The developers of Litecoin (LTC) want their platform to be the future of global currency, free from the shackles of international financial institutions. Their token, LTC, would be at the heart of this new economy, powering the Litecoin ecosystem.

Many achievements of the platform and its supporters hint that this dream could come true. For example, the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain has been running since 2011 with 100% uptime. Simple facts like this can be some of the most attractive signs for long-term health and investment.

If the network is down, cardholders may not be able to move, exchange or withdraw their funds. Full operation without a single recorded outage is a remarkable feat, which token holders no doubt appreciate.

Litecoin (LTC) is also proud to exist without any censorship, and to be open and available to customers worldwide: there is no approval system, which means anyone with the funds can invest in this futuristic token.

LTC continues to be a solid option for savvy investors: this coin is well managed and with a team of professionals supporting its growth. A clear intention and vision for the future is at the heart of Litecoin’s philosophy, making it a good bet as this year draws to a close.

Big Eyes Coin: promising pre-sale

The last coin we will analyze is the startup of the same coin, Big Eyes. This coin has a lot of potential and deserves to be included in this analysis of emerging cryptocurrencies, as it shares many characteristics of successful projects.

Its website is easy to navigate and uses simple, sharp language to ensure that visitors immediately understand the purpose and operation of the coin. This encourages community adoption and helps newcomers easily find the information they need to invest.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) mascot is one the internet will definitely fall in love with. Everyone on the internet loves cats and Big Eyes is a perfectly designed character. On top of that, NFT Big Eyes are planned for the future of the coin, featuring the adorable feline.

Another good omen for the future of Big Eyes is that its presale stages have been a resounding success so far: over $8.2 million has been secured in funding for the project. The cryptocurrency community saw the potential of this meme coin.

Final Thoughts

While stock markets around the world are in dismay and have been for many months, the future could still be bright for some cryptocurrencies. It is quality that will determine the survivability of these currencies, and the three tokens reviewed in the article above are surefire candidates to weather the storm.

Big Eyed Coin (BIG)

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