28 MPH California Cruiser Vibes

The Y model of Electric bike company is a women’s electric bike that I will happily ride anytime, anywhere. And my wife too.

That’s the impression we got after having the chance to test a beautifully equipped Model Y e-bike recently in California.

I say “beautifully equipped” because that’s exactly the point: Electric Bike Company’s e-bikes are designed to be ultra customizable.

They build them locally in Newport Beach, CA. This local touch means riders can customize just about every part of the bike, from paint color and metallic trim to choose from among a million and one accessory options.

Electric Bike Company graciously invited us in and put us on a decorated Model Y so we could get the full experience. And wow, was that an experience!

Get a load of this awesome electric bike in my video review below. Then find even more detail in my full written story further down the page.

Electric Bike Company Model Y Video Review

Technical specifications of the e-bike company’s Model Y

  • Motor: Industry-leading 1000W rear geared hub motor
  • Top speed: 45 km/h (28 mph)
  • Vary: Up to 80 km (50 mi) with moderate pedaling, higher range with only light pedal assist, less with throttle only
  • Battery: 48 V with 9 Ah (432 Wh) or 18 Ah (864 Wh) options
  • Weight: 26 kg (58 lbs)
  • Maximum charge : 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • Brakes: Tektro Dorado 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes on 180mm rotors
  • Supplements: LCD display, LED front and rear lights, thumb throttle, front basket, heavy duty kickstand, wide cruiser saddle, suspension fork option, platform pedals, wide balloon tires (multiple tire choices), paint selection personalized, incredible range of accessories

Comfort and class, all in one

The Model Y may be known as a women’s bike, but that’s largely marketing talk. What it really is, in my opinion, is just a great stepper cruiser e-bike that gives off good cruising vibes.

The one I tested had a nice powder blue paint job, fuzzy basket liner, gorgeous wooden fenders with matching wooden chain guard, leather carry pouch, super wide cruiser seat with grab handles assorted bars and much more. As someone who doesn’t actually live in California, this absolutely screamed “California beach cruiser” to me.

This is great, as my wife and I were visiting during an unusually cold and foggy time, so I could use all the warm vibes Cali has to offer.

Even ignoring all the fun accessories that have been added to the bike, all the standard equipment is top notch from the moment you throw a leg over (or rather through) the e-bike.

Hydraulic disc brakes are strong and crisp, providing reliable stopping power with almost no maintenance. The ultra-wide 58T chainring made it easy to pedal up to the bike’s top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), although we were both often lazy and relied on the throttle for extra help.

That wide, comfortable saddle I mentioned earlier? It is included as standard. Just like the high powered lights, the taillights are even mounted on either side of the bike to make them more visible.

Coming from a seaside community, EBC knows how difficult the salty environment can be on a bike.

So all hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel and all bearings in places like the pedals, crank and headset are fully sealed.

The powerful 1000W motor delivers plenty of boost when you need it and even comes with a 10 year warranty.

The basket battery available in multiple sizes also has an industry-leading five-year warranty. This kind of long-term support is almost unheard of in the e-bike industry, and its very confidence inspires to see EBC offer such long-term support. A lot of it comes down to how much oversight they have over the production of their bikes since they handle everything in-house in Newport Beach.

We toured the various factory buildings where EBC builds their e-bikes and got an up close and personal view of the effort to build these high quality rides locally in California.

You can check out our inside look at the company’s factory in the video below.

And you better believe that all that attention to detail translates directly into the driving experience. The Y-model’s wide bars give you that old-school cruiser feel when cruising the boardwalk or around town.

The big tires combine well with the front suspension to provide a surprisingly plush ride (and I suspect the giant saddle was part of the equation as well).

One note on the suspension fork though – although I appreciate it, the fork made the front of the bike a bit taller than it would be with the rigid fork option, which combined with the big wheels and big tires to create an even bigger bike for my little wife. She likes being able to lay it flat at stops, which the frame’s front-pedal design would typically allow. But for short riders like her (she’s 5’3), I’d recommend either going with the 24″ wheel option or sticking with a no-suspension fork to keep the bike nice and low. – if that’s your thing.

Speaking of which, it’s pretty cool that you can choose your wheel size, so smaller riders or anyone who likes small wheels can factory install them on the bike.

Extreme levels of customization

Even if the e-bike were only available in a few preset styles, it would still be a great ride. But the ability to customize everything on the Model Y makes it even more appealing.

The base 432Wh battery in the front basket will give most recreational riders plenty of range, but the option to double the battery for a full 864Wh battery means riders can go even further without having a battery extra funky look bolted to the frame.

In fact, the hidden battery in the basket is a big part of what gives the Model Y that classic look.

This makes the bike feel a bit heavier up front, which you tend to notice mostly when maneuvering at slower speeds. When it comes time to lift the bike, the front battery provides a little more balance for this rear hub motor, making center lift possible. Well, possible for armed strong. My wife couldn’t throw the nearly 60-pound bike in the back of a truck if her life depended on it, but then again, she’s pretty small. Compared to other cruiser e-bikes, the weight is equal to the course.

Electric Bike Company even goes above and beyond in other ways. Although we tested the bike on site and did not experience delivery, I have had a bike shipped by EBC before, and the experience is round the clock compared to all other e-bike companies.

The bike is packaged fully assembled and wrapped in custom designed foam blocks that are cut to fit the exact shape of the bike.

This means that it not only arrives without damage, but that you simply take it out of the box and you can start riding right away (well, after turning the handlebars straight). Most e-bikes come in and require 30-60 minutes of assembly time, which can be daunting for new riders who aren’t used to assembling bike parts. And given that these are machines that move around cars at fast speeds, putting together an e-bike correctly is pretty important.

That’s why it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes from professional assembly at EBC’s factory – something you simply can’t get with an e-bike shipped direct from Asia.

To wrap up

Overall, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the Electric Bike Company’s Model Y e-bike. It can hit those faster Class 3 speeds while still being a fun, slow e-bike for leisurely cruising.

The engine is powerful without being overpowering and the ride is comfortable without feeling sluggish.

It’s a great balance, and it’s priced quite reasonably at $1,949. Sure, it’s more expensive than many budget e-bikes, but you’re paying US wages to produce the bike locally, and you also get local support with a 5-year battery warranty and a warranty of 10 years on frame and motor.

You get what you pay for – these good quality components combined with local manufacturing and support make a huge difference. And it’s a difference that I really liked to experience!

What do you think of EBC’s Model Y? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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