“You next year Ballon d’Or”

FC Barcelona left Madrid after a decisive and historic victory at the Santiago Bernabéu in which the group led by Xavi Hernández left a real recital from start to finish and left Real Madrid very touched from the front at the end of the season. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, by double play, Ronald Araújo and Ferran Torres scored for a thrilling ‘watch’ in Madrid.

The Barcelonians were superior line by line and neutralized by a Madrid who remained clueless after the party started. Vinícius Jr, the one who was called up to be the star merengue due to the absence of Karim Benzema due to injury, went one of the portraits of the night in Chamartín against Barça.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t run, it was that they weren’t leaving him. Ronald Araújo ordered to extinguish his spark until making him a player without presence in the rival field. He didn’t notice the difference and became one more stake, like all his friends. In the middle of the party, in addition to the disappointment with the result and his abyssal game, he carried a ‘recado’ from Barça.

After the party, a video of Eric García went viral ‘mofándose’ of the Brazilian extreme after an attempt to deceive Martínez Munuera with a piscinazo in the area of ​​Ter Stegen. In the images drawn to ‘Movistar’, see as the central Catalan tells ‘Vini’: “You, next year Ballon d’Or. Ballon d’Or”.

Vinícius Jr, totally overwhelmed

During the second part, Barça defenders repeatedly recriminated the Real Madrid player for trying to “cheat” in the area without success. Had an encontronazo with Gerard Martelé and the mentioned with Eric García, for a night of fright from the Brazilian at the Bernabéu. If he is not close to Karim Benzema, he does not shine… And even less when he does not know how to ‘chase’ lost balls to run them.