Red Balloon Security Joins CyberLEO Advisory Board to Promote Security Solutions on U.S. Commercial and Government Satellite Systems

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Red Balloon Security, a leading provider of host-based firmware security solutions, announced that its CEO and Founder, Dr. Ang Cui, has joined CyberLEO’s advisory board, a three-party conference days launched on May 11 and focused on the urgent need to protect growing satellite constellations from existing and evolving cybersecurity threats.

CyberLEO is a complementary conference to CyberSatGov and an important opportunity to bring together innovators, regulators, administrators, manufacturers and security experts with the aim of understanding where space security is lacking and how weaknesses can be mitigated.

By joining the advisory board, Dr. Cui will bring more than 10 years of satellite system security research and a deep understanding of the adversary mindset that will help device manufacturers and operators better prepare for threats from malicious actors, whether state-sponsored. , criminal or independent gangs. He will also be a panelist at the CyberLEO Ransomware Mitigation Response talk on May 12 and will join other experts from Red Balloon Security to perform on-site technology demonstrations during the final two days of the conference.

Red Balloon Security Firmware Protection and Deep Satellite System Awareness:

As a leading cybersecurity research and technology company, Red Balloon Security has undertaken numerous investigations into satellite system devices, communication protocols and their security postures. The company disclosed multiple vulnerabilities to device manufacturers and worked closely with teams from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Air Force, and Department of Defense to develop security hardening solutions. security on satellite systems.

For example, in 2020, Red Balloon Security designed “NyanSat” in partnership with the US Defense Digital Service (DDS) and the Department of the Air Force. It was a three-part virtual satellite hacking workshop, one of four organized by the Digital Service of Defense and the Department of the Air Force, and took place in the village aerospace during the first-ever virtual safe mode DEF CON 28 in August 2020. NyanSat was an educational engagement intended to highlight potential threats to satellite systems by demonstrating the ease with which a satellite ground station could be built and potentially used to interfere with the normal operation of satellite systems.

“NyanSat was a way for Red Balloon to bring a more nuanced approach to cybersecurity planning in red-on-blue exercises, and demonstrate how far we need to go to secure real-world deployments,” says Dr. Cui. “We intend to bring our knowledge and gathered demonstrations of our firmware defense technology into the CyberLEO conversation, just as we have done at NyanSat and other engagements over the past few years.”

About red balloon safety

Red Balloon Security ( is a leading cybersecurity provider and research company specializing in protecting embedded devices across all industries. The company’s technology defends embedded systems with a suite of host-based firmware security solutions that provide continuous firmware protection and secure embedded systems from exploitation. Red Balloon Security’s pioneering R&D is led by a team of world-class academic researchers and developers who have published seminal research papers in the areas of integrated security and intrusion detection, led funded research activities by the US Department of Defense, revealed ethical vulnerabilities in hundreds of millions of ubiquitous embedded devices, and worked as embedded security researchers at various intelligence agencies.

About CyberSat Summits

CyberLEO and the flagship event, CyberSatGov, are forums where governments, militaries, commercial space equipment manufacturers and security experts can come together and share ideas and strategies for securing rapidly expanding satellite systems. in the whole world. An estimated 100,000 satellites could be in Earth orbit, representing a huge increase in the potential attack surface and a proliferation of opportunities for malicious actors to compromise services in the public and private sectors.

CyberSatGov and CyberLEO are the only events that focus on space cybersecurity and the need to understand an emerging threat to the space industry as a whole. The conferences are open to cybersecurity experts, satellite service providers, business leaders, engineers and government officials who are focused on understanding emerging cyber threat vectors and mastering the disruptive technologies that will shape the next generation of space deployments.