“I would have jumped 100%”

A TikToker uploaded dramatic footage of a hot air balloon crash in Southern California, which has since racked up more than 5 million views on the platform.

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Nick McCall (@nicktokk_) added context to the video in a text overlay, which read, “My first hot air balloon experience was great until the winds picked up.” McCall managed to record the peaceful part of the ride and the entire descent, including the guide’s instructions to passengers to hold on to the basket and prepare.

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Fortunately, McCall and everyone on board were uninjured in the incident.

“Stay in the basket with me, stay!” Stay! the guide is heard shouting as the basket bounces on the floor.

“The pilot was very good and handled it perfectly,” McCall said in the comments.

Hot air balloons have been around since 1783, more than a century before the Wright brothers’ first airplane flight, and hot air balloon design has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950s. The National Transportation Safety Board has investigated every hot air balloon accident since 1964 and found that statistically, it is rare for a hot air balloon flight to result in a fatal accident.

Commenters on McCall’s video were stunned by the images and impressed by the guide’s ability to give clear instructions during a moment of panic.

“I need the calm that this guy has in my life,” one person joked of the pilot.

“Cut hot air ballooning off the list of things I want to try,” another wrote.

“My stress response is flight and I would have 100% jumped out of the basket,” someone else added.

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The TikToker post shares terrifying footage of a hot air balloon crash that first appeared on In The Know.

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