How to Become a Balloon Decorating Pro

A party is a very important moment in our life. Sometimes every little detail is imperative, so it is worth taking care of the decoration of your home and choosing relevant dishes and treats for the festive table. You can hire professional decorators, but it’s always better to turn your house into a fairytale world with your own hands!

If you want to create quality balloon decor, you have a lot to learn. For example, what is the best way to repair certain types of inflatables, how to make your helium items float longer, which beautiful centerpieces are the fastest and easiest to make, or how to use them. hi shiny balloon spray to keep your latex balloons shiny for weeks.

Now we’re going to give you some tried and true balloon decorating tips so you can spruce up your party like a pro!

How does the weather affect your balloons?

Ultraviolet rays affect the surface of the ball in the most negative way, quickly causing them to lose their shape. And if in winter you can be serene about your decoration, the summer heat can spoil all your decorations. This is especially true when creating outdoor decorations.

Use these tips to extend the life of your balloon decor:

  • choose light-colored balloons, then they will reflect sunlight;
  • inflate the second balloon inside the first one. Thus, the first layer will protect the second from destruction and the shape will remain the same until the end of the event;
  • Hi-Float will help extend balloon float time.

Present box

There are many ways to use helium balloons: create eye-catching decorations or incorporate them into your entertainment program!

Tie a few balloons to your gift and place the whole composition in a large box. When the guest of honor opens it, a ball with your gift will fly! But beware, a balloon inflated with helium can only support a weight of 1.5 g. If your gift weighs more, use more helium balloons which can lift your gift into the air.

A big balloon filled with confetti for the wedding

When decorating the wedding venue, fill a large balloon with colorful confetti or rose petals and place it under the ceiling. Pop the balloon as the bride and groom dance together and enjoy its contents soaring beautifully through the air, covering the happy couple!

car balloon decorations

Such decor is always beautiful! However, there is a flaw: when the car starts to move, the balloons often burst or fly away.

To prevent this from happening, follow these tips:

  • stretch the walls of the balloon slightly with your fingers before inflating it;
  • under-inflate your balloons (inflate them to 90%);
  • fill items with helium or air gradually and slowly;
  • use Mylar balls for your car decoration.

Latex or foil balloons?

Choose the type of balls according to your expectations. If you want your decorations to last only 1-2 days, both types will do. But if you want your decoration to look perfect for a long time, you should opt for foil balloons.

Where is the best place to attach foil balloons?

When exposed to humidity and high temperatures, the balloon paint begins to interact with objects it touches. For example, it can spoil the wall covering.

To avoid this, try to arrange your balloons in such a way that they do not touch other objects in your interior.

Spruce up your decor with balloons

Corrugated paper is another affordable material for your design ideas. You can use it to make beautiful voluminous flowers that will highlight your airy balloon decor. Ready-made garlands with inscriptions and names also perfectly complement the compositions of balloons and flowers.

How to decorate balloons on the ceiling?

It’s a good idea to tie garlands or serpentine to the necks of the balloon; this decor looks particularly impressive in rooms with high ceilings!